The Professional Development Pathway has been established to provide you with a structured support programme that will facilitate your development as a fitness professional.

The PDP helps you to understand the fundamental building blocks that are needed to be an effective coach in the modern training gym. Using the PDP radar you will be able to identify the areas you wish to develop along with establishing the areas you are stronger in. After identifying these areas you will create an action plan to work through. This should be an ongoing process throughout your career.

Using the PDP gives you the chance to better understand yourself, your current capabilities and the skills you need to develop to become a top level coach.We break the areas down into the following:

Technical Coaching – Your ability to use effective coaching cues, see and correct technical issues, delivery and knowledge of using appropriate progressions and regressions.

Programme Design Principles – The ability to create and understand successful programme design principles for SGPT, TT and more specific goals.

Coaching Special Populations/Rehab
Your understanding of how to coach individuals through the rehab process, train around specific injuries and coaching special populations.

Evaluations – This section includes your ability to assess individuals training ability based off their movement. Your understanding of how to conduct one-to- one reviews and how to coach clients through a ‘member led’ process.

Session Management – How well do you deliver your sessions? This covers your skills to communicate instructions clearly, kit layout, coaching positions, efficient group management, how you provide feedback and punctuality.

The Art of Coaching – Your skills at translating your knowledge into getting the most out of clients, how you adapt your coaching skills and communication to various personalities, ability levels and situations to get a successful outcome.

Nutrition Coaching – Your understanding of successful nutrition principles. A clear understanding of a range of nutritional approaches, how, when and who they may be used for. Your ability to successfully coach clients through nutritional approaches.

Operations – How well do you follow the business systems? Perform your checklist duties, tidying up your equipment, using the facility systems and other duties the business requires.

We work with over 250 Modern Training Gyms across the UK that specialise in semi private and 121 personal training. The internships last for 6 - 12 weeks on average are a minimum of 15 hours to 40 hours per week commitment and are paid roles.

Access to the internship program is available after completion of the program exclusively for Fitness Mastery Graduates only,
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